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From its prime position on the eastern tip of the Giudecca island, Belmond Hotel Cipriani exudes an air of dolce vita–style sophistication. Whether you pull up directly at the private dock or hop on the hotel launch at Piazza San Marco for the journey across the lagoon, the super-attentive service, manicured greenery, and air of opulence combine into a pampered world all its own.

When AK contacted us to create a lavish birthday celebration at Belmond Cipriani for their fine coterie of exclusive guests, we were instantly inspired. You see, in addition to Belmond Cipriani’s gamut of glamorous offerings which boast among others Fortunni light fittings, antique furnishings, and seriously indulgent interiors, we had the honor to side with the florist to the elite Vincenzo Dascanio and the exquisite NuArt entertainment specialists, adding to our production and design of the entire event. 

Our aim was to evoke the staggering, indulgent, pure Venetian style, with gold magnolias and white blooms contrasting perfectly against black, gold and mirror accents, and two specially commissioned armchairs that arrived from France for the event, merging the sumptuous to the dramatic and theatrale. The event which evolved in two parts, a candlelit dinner with live music where haute-couture dressed musicians sat on chairs, dangled from drapes over the stage and serenaded us, and the masked ball with a DJ performance. A mirrored corridor was constructed to serve as the passage to our private bash and every guest received a Venetian mask before entering the ballroom. 

Although we will not be able to share portraits and party images we do invite you to peek into this world of wonders we orchestrated to its entirety and to this day fuels our most vivid imaginings. 




Thanks to Julia Kaptelova for capturing the details of this production so perfectly.