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Being an wedding planner in Italy, having celebrities among the guests lists is quite common for us and today I want to help you out with some normal fears around the topic and how to manage them.

From the last years organizing weddings in Como Lake, South of France, Spain and beyound we have built a global reputation for our sophisticated style and outstanding world-class tailored weddings but of course inside the wedding planning process and all this incredible work as international wedding planners, one of our priorities are the guests.

Some times our celebrities require special attentions, special food and special facilities, but some times they just want to have fun and be treated as a normal human person. So if you have celebrities among your guests list and don’t know how to manage, this post is exactly what you need!

The first glance is everything! Prepare personalized welcome bags and have them delivered to their hotel rooms before their arrival. Use your creativity when deciding the items that will go inside. Think carefully about what a person that have crossed the world to celebrate with you in a destination wedding are excited to live.

By doing this, you let them know that the most important thing for you is to share this experience and your happiness with them.



Celebrities may be used to having certain facilities or special arrangements for them, so its important you talk with them in anticipation and figure out if they have any particular needs for their stay. Should their name be kept private from hotel and wedding staff? Should they use a nickname for their escort card? Are there any images copyright you need to be aware of?

Last year during a celebrity destination wedding in Villa Balbiano, the table setting was created with only escort cards using nicknames.



If it’s a loved friend the balance will always stay positive, but if you haven’t been in touch lately and you are having doubts try making a pros and cons list considering how their presence may affect on your day, as the most important thing is you feel comfortable. Would they draw the attention away from you? Do you prefer a low profile wedding and they are the show-off kind of celeb? Or they are thrilled on doing a private show for you and your friends?


For Arthur Borges and Kiira Korpi wedding at Villa del Balbianello, celebrities were on both sides of the guests lists as even the couple have incredible popularity him being a Tom Ford manager and she a three-time European medalist in figure skating. Sportsmen Cesar Villalba and world-known italian figure skating Valentina Marchei with the finnish singers Jare Henrik Tiihonen, Elastinen and Dan Uniikki were just some of the famous friends who arrived at Villa del Balbianello to celebrate their love. We could give a billion likes to this wedding!


Remember: Each and one of your guests are special – celebrities or not – so be sure to let them know that!

In case you really want your famous friend to come along but the responsibility is overwhelming you, we would love to help you and make your day unforgettable and surrounded with your loved ones.




Credits: The Wedding Tale – Julia Kaptelova Photographer – Bottega53