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Chinese culture goes back…well, way back! In Weddings, the Chinese Tea Ceremony is one of the most important rituals, so today we are going to give you some tips on how to carefully prepare the Chinese Tea Ceremony for your special day!

Show off the something old

Go to your grandmothers, parents and aunts’ houses and ask them to lend you their teapot and teacups to use in the ceremony. Choose the ones that bring cherished memories with them and it will be even more special. Vintage porcelain is unique and so will be your wedding!

photo courtesy: Bottega53

Tea with a twist

You can honor traditions in a modern style too. Try to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that also goes with the wedding mood. You can put poufs for you to seat and a nice golden table next to you to serve the tea just as Eros and Fillisya did for their wedding in Villa Pizzo.

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If you are doing your Chinese Tea Ceremonyas part of your destination wedding, try adding something local to it and mix things up a bit. In Italy, white almonds are a classic and they go wonderfully with a cup of tea.

Paper affair

Did you know paper was invented in China more than 2000 years ago? Honor that cultural heritage by taking your invitations to the next level. You have many options here, explore them! You could go for ink or tea drawing, organic paper, or even have a unique pattern created just for you with traditional elements that you can also use for other details. Having personalized stationery will make your wedding unique! Click here to see how Eros and Fillysia used their pattern for handmade napkins, menus and escort cards.

Silk up

Plan a dress change for the ceremony by using your family inherited silk robe, or buy a new one for this very special occasion! It will make you connect even further with your roots and you will feel embrace by your culture. If you don’t want to take out your white dress, use silk to cover the table or cushions that will be used.

Are you planning your Chinese wedding in Italy? Then take note of these tips and if you need a hand, leave us a comment that we will love to help you!