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What are the odds of meeting an elegant Italian gent who bears the name of the Love God and not fall head over heels? At least in our bride, Fillisya’s case, meeting Eros meant a romance to sweep them both off their feet enough to set their days (and nights) on fire and lead to the aisle. Truth be told, their Villa Pizzo wedding featuring your new favorite wedding color palette & Fillisya’s couture wedding dress that is the stuff of dreams, had us aching to share every pretty moment. 

Eros and Fillisya could not have picked a more beautiful haven for their formal wedding in Lake Como. The lacteal pink and sun-soaked peach facade of Villa Pizzo, the tidy pathways, the manicured flower beds, and baroque fountains may have seduced the Legends’ but they have also served as Hollywood filming sets. 

As Fillisya’s roots are part Indonesian & part Chinese and Eros is of Italian origins our aim was to create a celebration that would perfectly merge their cultures without one imposing on the other. No better marriage of hues than tonal magenta and honey gold used as a nod to the bride’s heritage. Magenta is a hue that oozes bold romance. Redder than purple but still deeper than pink, known to symbolize passion. We employed the shade in small doses and tempered it with a more muted palette, and regal, enchanting gold bringing a celebratory shine and shimmer.

As there’s nothing to beat a personalized approach we work with a scheme exclusive to the sophisticated couple, and playfully engaged with the pattern across their entire event. A personalized robe for the bride, wedding invitations and napkins for their reception dinner were just the right amount of substantiation and structure. Different shades of blush and brick fused with a small touch of magenta, long tables for the alfresco wedding dinner, gold-rimmed charger plates, and petite gold elephants created that ethnic atmosphere without spoiling the elegance that Villa Pizzo commands.

Although the majority of weddings at Villa Pizzo take place at the darsena, we opted for the Italian garden for the Eros & Fillisya’s ceremony. Fillisya wore one of the most regal DESIGNERNAME haute couture gowns we’ve ever seen, but the most precious of all was the look on Eros’ face soon as he witnessed his bride walking down the aisle. Their teary-eyed vows among statues and spanning floral arrangements turned even more romantic with a Riva yacht ride across the burnished waters of the Lake and as cocktail hour evolved in charcuterie amuse-bouche and champagne, the two lovebirds prepared for their grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs. A traditional tea-ceremony ensued before dinner while right before the party (which lasted till 2 am) Eros and Fillisya cut their traditional Italian red-fruit cake in waves of applause. 

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Planning and design: Eventoile – Ph Credits: Bottega53 – Folower designer: Chiara Sperti – Venue: Villa Pizzo