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It‘s the warm period of the year and with it officially opens the wedding season.

The organization of a wedding usually begins a few months earlier and surely you’ve already done most of the preparations. We’re currently thinking about the flowers and especially to your bouquet.

I know, this is one of the best moments of all the preparation and I’m sure that you too (as me) can’t wait to go and choose your wedding flowers and decorations and that’s why today I’ll tell you some interesting facts on the bridal bouquet.

let’s not waste any more time and go directly to speak about the bridal bouquet:


1. For the bouquet my first adviceis to choose the seasons flowers, fresh and easy to find. More the bouquet will be simple and more it will be simple take it with you all day. Avoid too scented flowers!

Ph Credit: Bottega53


2. The right bouquet has to match to your wedding dress, hairstyle and your body shape. Pay attention also for the floral style that you’ll use in the church and in the location.

The same bouquet but in miniature will be led by the bridesmaids, as a flower of the same type will buttonhole of your love and of your fathers.

Ph Credit: Julia Kaptelova


3. There are all kinds and sizes of bouquet.

My advice as wedding planner in Lake Como and Lugano Lake is: a rich bouquet is suitable for a simple wedding dress. If you are rather petite opt for a bouquet that doesn’t hide yourself.

Ph Credit: Katie Grant


4. The bouquet can be decorated in different ways. The choices can be among a beautiful piece of silk ribbon, lace, beads, string of the baker… In short, everything you desire.

Again, here goes my advice as a wedding designer: Always remembering the style you’ve chosen for your wedding celebration and keep the same style for the bouquet decorations.


Ph Credit: Julia Kaptelova


Ph Credit: Bottega53


The bouquet toss is a beautiful tradition that must not be abandoned. It’s to throw the bouquet from above your shoulders toward your single friends who will try to take it (of course with “all the single ladies” as background) and then, be the next bride.

Loyal to your bouquet? Don’t worry, ask to your flower design to make a second one for the bouquet toss!