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Nowadays even more couples wants to plan their destination wedding in Como lake, this Italian destination is in the first choice for couples that want to plan a wedding abroad. But how to surprise your guests with fresh ideas and make this exeprience to be remembered for a long long time?

Here my 5 tips to astonish your guests on your wedding day:

1. The word that will make your wedding unique is personalization. Make your wedding personalized as much as possible and try to customize it in the smallest details with your style and your taste.

Ph Credit: Julia Kaptelova


2. Take care of your guests! It’s important to make them feel special and comfortable so try to cuddle them through small personalized gifts. A welcome bag, for example, could be a great idea to impress them! Always remember to put inside only customized items. This will give a more elegant and refined tone to your gift and so to your wedding too.

Ph Credit: David & Kathrin


3. Make them exicited and create the wait! As wedding planners in Como Lake we always advice our couples to create a wedding website. This easy tool is a great way to involve your guests in the preparations of wedding, there your can share important informations and even ask them to contribute some choices with you, such as the playlist for the reception or the pre and after activities. In this way the guests will be involved and will look forward to your big day.

Ph Credit: The Wedding Tale


The full success of a destination wedding is the experience that your guests will live, so on top of everything take the time to think how to make these days memorable to them.

And you? What are you planning?