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On the eve of the fateful “I do” is the night preceding the day you dreamed for a long time.

For me, it’s one of the most intense night you are going to have as your head and your heart will be full of thoughts and emotions, anxiety, happiness, fear, agitation and so on.

via Style Me Pretty
via Style Me Pretty

I’ve listed here, some things to avoid the night before the wedding, so that you can be beautiful and to feel better in your big day.

Go to bed late

Avoid caffeine and turn off your smartphone to be able to rest the best. If the agitation will not make you be able to sleep, a good warm bath will help you relax and to drive away all your concerns. 

Last details

Don’t play the last tasks that night. If you haven’t ask a wedding planner, let your friends, bridesmaids or anyone else to take care of the last details for you, this way you can avoid all that stress until a few hours before the wedding.

New experiments

The night before the wedding is certainly not the time to experiment with the food that is not in your eating habit. What would happen if this food would create some allergic reaction or will remain on the stomach?


Avoid new beauty products as they may not be suitable to your skin type and therefore you wake up with bad surprises.


Do not overdo the alcoholic beverages the night before your big day, you risk waking up with a headache and you’ll definitely the best to live all the emotions that are waiting you!