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Hello dear, the weekend is coming and it’s time to relax and take time to enjoy with your friends!
For you who just decided to have a destination wedding, it’s time to take a look in all the best destinations and choose yours! So if you are thinking about to get married in Italy, I need to say that you are doing a good choise!

Are you asking why? So… We have the best places for romantic weddings, good food, excellent wine, friendly people and so on… It’s just simple to fall in love with our country!
But to organize a perfect wedding in Italy it’s very important to consider all the legal aspects, right? Specially if you are citizens in UK because we have different rules and you are going to spend the best day in your life here and of course this need to be more than perfect!

Most of the email that I get every day from customers who want to get married in Como Lake, Tuscany or other stunning Italy destinations, concerning the practice of documents and paperworks.
Probaby you are in the same situation, spending a lot of time surfing in internt and searching all these important informations but I know that it is not very easy to find them.
As a destination wedding planner in Italy, that woks in the 70% with British Citizens clients, who wants to celebrate their love in our beautifull country, I decided to help you and I will share with you my experience about legal aspects and paper works to have your destination wedding in Italy.
So, let’s talk about the legal aspects and the documents that need to be produced by the British nationals residing in the UK that want to get married in Italy:
– A Certificate of NO Impediment to Marriage that will be released by your local register office after that you post your notice of marriage. After that, you have to post your notice of marriage at your local registry office.
– You will need to produce a statutory declaration to be signed before from a solicitor or from a public notary in the UK.
– After that you need to get both the Certificate of NO Impediment to Marriage and the statutory declaration ‘legalised’ with a Hague Apostille by asking the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes, to confirm that the signature, stamp or seal is from a UK public official.
Attention: if the woman have been already married and the marriage was terminated within the last 300 days, a waiver from a law court in Italy will need to be obtained and this will be released only after the medical evidence that she is not pregnant.
The legal aspect is very complex and sometimes all the rigmarole of documents can cause a bit of panic, especially because couples do not have experience as it is the first marriage and if everything is not managed properly, can cause significant problems in the future.
Normally I take care of all legal issues for my clients, giving them full assistance for all the paperwork and bureaucratic aspects until the end of the whole process but in case that you want to do this by yourself, here is my contribute. : )
I hope it was helpful and if you have any further question about it don’t exitate to contact me.
Are you ready to get the best wedding in Italy?