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Ticino’s southern most tip comes with a view nothing short of riveting, with the pleats of sheer, wooded peaks creating the most beguiling ambiance, with hidden back alleys, pastel-painted houses, and botanical gardens. Such was the allure for Claire & Dennis whose chic and stylish Villa Heleneum wedding on Lake Lugano will most probably want to make you to diss Como for Switzerland. 

This US couple was two loving high school sweethearts who made it a breeze for us to work with. Dennis wanted the best for his bride so the couple opted for the only right off the lakefront luxury villa, Villa Heleneum. One glimpse at its pastel blush facade and manicured gardens, and you’ll agree with us that whether glimpsed from one of Lugano’s man trails that wriggle along the shore or from the deck of a yacht gliding across the Lake, it is a true wonder to witness. 

In fact, that’s what our lovebirds did. First, they had everyone on their party enjoy a pre-ceremony cruise across the sparkling teal waters so they could all get a real experience of what life feels like over our parts of the world. 

During the previous days, they had the chance to immerse themselves in the pleasures of the vivacious city, with boutiques, cafes and chic eateries huddling in the spaghetti maze of steep cobblestone streets that untangle at the edge of the lake and along the flowery promenade. One of the guests got so inspired as to create two watercolor paintings, one of the famous red bench of Lugano, picturing Claire & Dennis as teens starting their new life together (okay we cried with this one), and one featuring Villa Heleneum’s soft-hued facade which the couple used on their invitation suites. 

But that was hardly all of it. Dennis and Claire took a Riva yacht ride across Lugano which gave them the chance to spend some alone moments right after the ceremony. 

Speaking of which, as it was the first ceremony in Villa Heleneum park passway (what a start, right?) we wanted to present our bride and groom with something truly fabulous, but also clean and natural. Tons of green, whites, touches of gold and marble were the keynotes that decked the beautiful columns and the botanical gardens. We did not wish to hinder the marvelous views so we opted for ghost seating which created quite the impressive prospect and had the best light for our couple’s photography too. 

On the other side of the garden, the alfresco dinner was set in marble charger plates and fine silks. Sage green fluted candlesticks were used to add a slight note of hue coordinating with Villa Heleneum’ s clean aesthetics. Our botanical inspiration was drawn from John Wainwright’s Victorian flower pieces (you can see some of them at Tate in London) and Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s drawings for Marie Antoinette and Empress Josephine Bonaparte. Hop into the gallery to view more and get inspired for your own Lake Lugano Wedding!  

Planning and design: Eventoile Wedding Creation & Design

Photo and Video: The Wedding Tale

Flower designer: Chiara Sperti

Catering: Splendide Royal

Venue: Villa heleneum