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Majestic mountains, quaint countryside communes, tranquil islands, charming seaside villages – these diverse landscapes make Italy a popular destination. With each landscape having its own unique aesthetic appeal, I must say that the country provides a plethora of beautiful backdrops for a dream wedding.

Villa Balbianello Lake Como
Ph Credit: The Wedding Tale


If you’re looking for the best place to hold your wedding this year, here are three reasons why you ought to consider a destination wedding in Italy:

The Picturesque Landscapes

Undeniably, Italy has among the most picturesque landscapes in the world. Even with the coronavirus scare, there are plenty of private places to hold your destination wedding. There are several secluded villas with idyllic gardens where you can celebrate away from the public and keep away from viruses.

Want a wedding as regal as Anakin and Padme’s? Have yours at the exact same location where they filmed the Naboo wedding scene – Villa del Balbianello. This 16th-century villa in Lenno overlooks Lake Como and has elegant terrace gardens ideal for weddings. Southwards is another enchanting villa that’s perfect for intimate wedding celebrations. Like Balbianello, Villa Balbiano also has an amazing view of Lake Como.

Villa Balbiano Wedding, Lake Como
Ph Credit: Julia Kaptelova

The Freshest Gourmet Food

Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its delectable simplicity. While it’s most popular for pizza and pasta, there are many more traditional and regional dishes that use the best Italian cheeses, premium meat, and the freshest ingredients available.

A delightful al fresco dinner party after the wedding ceremony is a great way to celebrate your nuptials and relish Italian gourmet food at the same time.

Al fresco wedding in Italy
Ph Credit: Bottega53

The Amazing People of Italy

Friendly, hospitable, and family-oriented. These are among the shared characteristics of most Italians. They’re one of the easiest people to get along with. They have a good sense of humor and keen intellect.

Part of Italian culture is celebrating occasions with family in a grandiose manner. With them onboard your wedding prep, your cherished event will undoubtedly be a success.

Bride and groom in Capri, Italy
Ph Credit: Bottega53


There are definitely more reasons why this country is a popular venue for weddings and special occasions. But just these three would be enough for you to want to get married in Italy. While it pays to be cautious due to recent events, know that there are alternatives and that it’s still possible to have your dream destination wedding. Remember to consult local wedding planners to determine the best possible locations and the precautions you and your guests can take.