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Not just a matter of design, the wedding industry needs the excellence!

I’ve been traying for a long time to dedicate a space here in the blog to host and give voice to colleagues who make the difference in the world of events and weddings, at both nationally and internationally level.

Careful choise of their suppliers is the most important pillar for a wedding planner and an organizer of professional events. Make use of solid structures allows us to be able to give a high level of service and in most cases, to generate a huge saving to the customer.

Let’s face it, it’s well known that what is cheap at the end it costs twice!

credit: Caffe Scala
credit: Caffe Scala

During the Wedding Private event – dedicated to the newlyweds, and organized in collaboration between Caffe Scala, Sara Cattaneo Lab and Sunday Events Boutique – presented in Milan in the last month, I had the honor to interview the Commercial Wedding of one of the most renowned Milan catering: Luciana Belloni from Caffe Scala that since 1984 has become a leading brand of high-level banqueting, a niche that has now very few rivals in the Italian level.

Hello Luciana, where does this event come from and why?

Everything starts from the idea of going to offer customers the products already tested. When you give an advice, you always do it in base of trust you’ve built in the various jobs done together with the network of suppliers. Confidence, we now know that in every work, is the most important thing. This was the initial idea.

What’s the difference of Caffe Scala? What distinguishes you?

First of all we don’t run many wedding events at the same time, then we give the absolute presence on the event; the contact person, in this case I as regards the wedding, becomes the person which from the beginning gets the tcouple and walk through until the day of marriage.

Second, all the staff Caffe scale is fixed, because we take a few marriages, the service staff and the waiters are all hired.

credit: Matrimoni all' Italiana
credit: Matrimoni all’ Italiana

So it’s not an outsourced stuff as in most of the catering?

Not at all, it’s a staff that has also made a path of growth within our company. I must say that I’m lucky because often I just look at them. This means being able to also speed up an event because there is a consolidation of the relationship.

The bride chooses Caffe Scala instead of another supplier because it can rely on a highly qualified staff?

That’s right, a serious company, which can’t be improvised, it is 35 years that we do this work.

In addition, the value for money in my opinion is excellent, I was an outsider until 8 years ago and I took my clients to Caffe Scala because of this value for money; so I can say that I personally tested, then I made the choice to work for Caffe Scala.

Do you have your own equipment or rent from third parties?

Caffe Scala in time invested on equipment that is all our own.

Very often, when you rent the equipment you never know what conditions you get the item and you know that the same day or at most the day before the event, so you may not even have the opportunity to speak about the possible problem.

Personally I have a passion for a perfect mise-en-place, what about you?

Surely it is also important tablecloths, because few catering have the embroidered one.

We have just the cure of the table, it’s just like culture.

For example, for me it’s a normal thing to put the double tablecloth, though I realize that sometimes people look at me and say ” for her it’s normal but it’s not the reality of the wedding.” Moreover, the fact of ironing the tablecloths for a fitting of a certain type, wipe all the glasses, always double check, because everything has to be perfect.

Do you want to repeat this type of event in the future?

We’ll see, we often live “step by step”, the ideas are many and it’s always nice to see them realized.


I’d like to thank Luciana Belloni fromCaffe Scala for this interview.

Don’t forget to visit the website for further information!

If you organize a wedding or an event and you aren’t already recourse to a professional who can advise you, find a catering is simple, go to Google and type keywords such as: catering Ticino, catering Milano, catering Como and you’ll find million results with the names of possible vendors, but the question is always the same:

Which one to choose?

My advice is: carefully consider and control who they are, what they do and what kind of product they offer.

It’s important to do extensive research, read reviews and see their historical role, with whom and for whom they worked, and if necessary, ask for the opportunity to do a tasting menu!