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Today I feel as a child who have to blow the candles, I am overjoyed and realized but I admit I am also a bit scared by this new challenge! For those who knows me for some time, knows how much easier for me is to communicate fate to face, rather than writing. My “blood” South American brings me being much more spontaneous, it’s natural to smile and chat non-stop for hours rather than to commit to write a line more.


After the due premise, let me tell you about me… I’m Leandra Svizzero, and I am the CEO and Creative Director at Eventoile, this magic place where I spend my time creating beauty. I live in Lugano from more than 10 years, I’m happily mom of special three kids: a creative super girl named Cecilia, a sensitive and tender princess who is called Carolina and last but not least my sweet little boy Matteo.


I’m lucky to share my days with my husband Alberto and when I’m not away on a business trip, I’m between my magical world of DIY and my normal life as mother. I always wanted a container that could store the 197,831 ideas I have on my mind but at the same time could also serve as a liaison to share my inspirations, and of course my creations with those of you who will accompany me in this new path! I know I’ll need to do some training before taking thoroughly familiar with this “new communication tool,” but I’m ready for the challenge and I promise I’ll do my best!

Good adventure!!!