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Are you going to get married next year and you’ve already started to look around to anticipate trends wedding for 2017?
You don’t want to choose wrong, you want to know what will be the trend to follow and what are the things to be avoided in order to be a bride IN 2017?
As you know, I’m a Wedding Planner in Como Lake and I love to give advices on the most “fresh ideas” in terms of mood, flower arranging, decoration, graphic, cake and so on.
If you like the idea you can’t miss my last article on “The Love Affair Milan” where there are many ideas on the new season.
And here you are, the first of three appointments with tips on what to do and what not to do to be a bride IN and therefore follow all the wedding trends in 2017.
The overall look

In: Colors that are derived from rare stones such as rose quartz and jade green. If you want to stay on the most delicate tones, there will be room for a delicate yellow as butter and timeless white.
Out: The palette of gray combined with soft pink was my passion during the last period, but now I have to admit that it lost a bit of points, and it’s going to leave the scene in 2017.

In: For next season come new “texture” that are lighter and more delicate such as the toiles. Confirmed watercolors and floral prints that will continue to be in demand in the next season.
Out: Do you remember the chevron? That’s right, the geometric zig zag style texture that was extra-used in the invitations and decorations in recent years…Well now it’s out.

In: Are you a gold lover? Then give a different and fresh footprint: use it creatively, combined with unusual colors like coral or dark turtle.
Out: Black white and gold!

In: The trend is putting together luxury and modern style and match them to the natural beauty and the simplicity of the outdoors. There will be plenty of room for craft products, natural and structural elements such as macramé and stoneware in all the decorations.
Out: The bohemian style will continue in the next season but beware the exaggeration of boho vibes.

In: It’s all about the organic components such as succulents, petrified wood, dry woods and moss that were previously considered secondary elements of the decorations.
Out: Floral arrangements with only the flowers. You have to be creative and use other elements!

In: The textures are the true stars of the 2017 wedding, whether you opt for a wedding style with a mix of bright colors, or if you stay on a more delicate palette, doesn’t matter, the tendency is to focus all about texture.
Out: Always use the same flower in all your wedding! Even if you love peonies, you can always play with other flowers and leaving them as protagonists of the decoration!

In: The tableau de marriage becomes more and more creative and the more is quirky and different, is better! One of the tips is to use the tableau de marriage to give a multisensory experience and customized to your guests. The cards with the names of the guests can rest on a plant pot, hung on trees or anywhere your imagination take you.
Out: The classic tableau of marriage with all the cards lined up perfectly escort on the reception tables. Well, the cards don’t disappear, indeed, but that doesn’t mean that we have to get bored.

In: For the lighting of marriage choose warm tones, soft and cozy like the amber tones or pale pink. Besides being very elegant, like color, help to create a pleasant relaxing effect for all guests.
Out: Extravagant lighting in primary colors. This type of lighting bothers anyone. Can you imagine if I you had to eat and stay many hours in a blue colored room?

In: Balloons, balloons and balloons, especially those with the led for the cutting of the cake!
Out: Lanterns and chandeliers hanging from the branches of trees like in style shabby past years.

Are you ready to be a bride IN the next season?
Then, follow the next two appointments where I’ll speak of the wedding cake, graphics and many other aspects of a true marriage IN 2017!

Do you find yourself in tune with one of the aspects that I mentioned earlier?

I’ll be happy to meet you!