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During the year, I surrounded by many couples and I can say that most of the brides commit some small mistakes when they organize their wedding.

Here you’ll let the 5 most common.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

1. Announce your marriage too soon. The union between the countless technological tools and ecstasy to announce the news to the whole world is a temptation to which you must not give in. Hold on! Announce to friends and family in person is much more exciting because see their reactions of astonishment is really exciting!

2. Choose the location before you have considered how many people you’ll invite to your wedding. It’s vital that family and close friends may rejoice with you and your wedding would be a shame to have to give up a few guests because the location is too small.

3. Being prevented to the wedding dress choice. It’s important to have some idea on apparel style, but when you go in the atelier, try to be open mind and try different styles to each other, you’ll be surprised! Be accompanied by one or at most two advisers friends so you get the right advice and don’t miss in their ideas.

4. Exclude completely the idea to rely on a trusted wedding planner. We women are able to do anything, but ask yourself honestly, you have plenty of time and you’re able to manage all the last minute details of the organization? Leaning on a professional will make your experience more enjoyable and stress free.

5. Forgetting to eat. I know that you’ll be very busy and that your last thought will eat or drink anything. Give yourself more and some light snacks, and drink lots of water – especially if you’ve taken a season like summer for your wedding – and above all, take advantage of these pauses to summarize what has been done and catch his breath.