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The dress you choose, it will create a lot of curiosity, in fact, the most common question that you’re going to receive during the months of your marriage preparation is: How will be your dress?

Concluded this important choice it’s time to start the research of shoesp, the first thought is to find the perfect pair that will match the dress of your dreams.

credit: Desi Baytan Photography
credit: Desi Baytan Photography

The question are immediately raised: is it better a nice or comfortable shoe? If I choose too flashy shoes my dress has to follow the same style?

Surely the choice is very subjective but I advance you that each shoe model may be associated with various wedding dress styles.

The wedding shoes are all different, but today I’ll guide you into the selection of those that suit your personality, with some advice on how to match them to the dress you choose to wear on your wedding day.

First of all, shoes should reflect your way of being, but must not forget that the shoes must be worn for a whole day. Therefore we must consider the convenience and if you’re not used to wearing high heels, it’s better don’t experiment shoes on that day to not to appear painful and awkward during the photo shoot.

In the choice of the shoes shouldn’t be be considered just the wedding dress model, you have also to think about where will be realized your receipt. If you are organizing a country wedding and the ceremony will be in a place outdoors, avoid high heels.

Another important point is the material and the shape. If your wedding will be in the middle of summer, an open sandal or a décolleté are the best choices to avoid those pesky bubbles that will make you suffer.

How to match them to the dress? I know, this is the hardest part, but just follow the traditions that will take you to the right choice. Are you on the same color and shade of the dress. The style is essential and must be followed. My advice is entrusted to serious and competent workshop that will surely offer you the models of dresses that combine well with the shoes model chosen.

Last advice but not least, a few days before the big event starts to make some small step inside the house with your shoes in order to familiarize yourself with them and they with the shape of your Cindarella’ feet.