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Ticino wedding planner
Choose the best wedding planner in Ticino, Switezrland

Are you looking for a destination wedding where you and your guests can enjoy both natural and city settings, relaxed surroundings and a charming atmosphere? You are in the right place, a wedding in Ticino is perfect for you!

Breathtaking view of Lakes Maggiore and Lugano, mountain valleys covered in white snow: that’s Ticino, an ideal destination combining wild natural settings and with the flair of the city. A rich mix of past and future, mountains and valleys, nature and culture, city and country that will surprise you with all its changing moods.

As a well knowed Lugano wedding planner, Eventoile Destination Weddings have a large experience in Ticino and thanks to our large network with the best wedding professionals in Ticino, we will be able to setup the wedding of your dreams.

In Ticino you can choose among the different regions the one that will be perfect for your wedding day in Ticino: Locarno Area, facing the beautiful landscapes of Lake Maggiore and the many valleys, for a more familiar atmosphere where you and your guests will live unforgettable experiences; Lugano and its surrounding area, full of art and culture, if you are searching for a more elegant destination wedding during which you and your guests will discover a wonderful land and also an amazing nightlife; Mendrisio area, with its hills and vineyards and many valley for a rustic wedding day in a more informal setting; Bellinzona, a region full of history and with a wild nature, with its famous UNESCO Heritage castle and the gorgeous landscapes of its valleys.

Ticino region is full of Italian charm, with all its magical lakes and a nature full of Mediterranean scents. Laying in the southern side of the Alps, Ticino is the most relaxing contest for your d wedding day in a land that has been a traditional destination for the most elegant international tourism ever. Alpine settings, hills rising to high peaks on the shores of Ticino’s lakes, gorgeous lakeshore promenades will be the enchanted backdrop of you wedding ceremony in Ticino.

Our wedding planner team and guest concierge in Ticino will manage all your guests needs with the most elegant and stunning accommodation options, high-class transport services and 24 hours assistance for any type of need during your stay. Suggesting you the most exclusive wedding venues in Ticino, from elegant and exclusive villas like Villa Heleneum to elegant 5 stars hotels; Eventoile will suggest you the most experienced wedding suppliers team to assure you the best organization for your wedding day in Ticino.

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