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Monaco Cote d'Azur wedding planner
Chose the best wedding planner in Monaco Cote d'Azur

Experience the luxury of Monaco and the French Riviera. We will help you get the wedding of your dream in your private villa or in one of our prestigious venues.

The wedding of your dreams in the luxury of  Monaco. This mythic place, between the Alp mountains and the Mediterranean sea will with no doubt give you the feel of living a destination wedding between dream and reality.

The small principality of Monaco lays on the Mediterranean coast and is very famous all over the world as one of the main destination for VIP weddings for its glamour and its elegant landscapes. Many luxury hotels, boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants, upscale casinos, yacht-lined harbor and the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix race: only enjoy, and Monaco will be for sure the perfect destination for your wedding day in French Riviera.

Our wedding planner team in Monaco will help you to plan and design the perfect luxury wedding in Monaco. With luxury locations, its gardens and its magical atmosphere, the perfect place to organise a dreamy wedding day by Eventoile. 

Our wedding planner team based in Monaco are specialized in Luxury Weddings and will for sure help you to find the top wedding venue that will fit perfectly with your dreams. Write us, we cannot wait to help you with your destination wedding in Monaco where your guests are invited to soak up the dolce vita Monaco style, the most elegant shopping experiences, seafront walks, terrace cocktails and luxury evenings at Casinos.

Elegance and excellence, high-level services, magical celebrations in outstanding locations: let’s work together with our wedding planner team to write the most beautiful of stories: and the story of your wedding day in Monaco, an exceptional setting where to celebrate your love.

We will be able to manage your wedding day, your elopement or your intimate wedding, from small gatherings to big event in French Riviera and in the Principality of Monaco. Eventoile will research the best suppliers and the ultimate wedding flower designers in French Riviera, will manage the stay of all your guests with our high level guest concierge service, so that you only have to enjoy your best day ever with any matter to think about. You will only have to choose if you would like to get married in a medieval French chateau, in a luxury hotel with an al fresco dinner overlooking the sea, on a super yacht, or even in a private villa!

In French Riviera and Monaco you will discover the most stunning wedding venues for your luxury wedding day. Our wedding planner staff will completely meet your needs and share your vision, as your wedding day by Eventoile must be exactly as you’ve ever been dreaming about! 

Chic and luxury wedding celebrations, elegant ceremonies: let yourself be inspired by French Riviera: our wedding planner team will help you to create your perfect wedding in Monaco. Reach out to us now and book your date!

Ph. Credit : Katie Grant