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Venice luxury birthday celebration at Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Venice is gloriously romantic in spring, triumphant in summer, noble in autumn and seductive in winter the saying goes. And when it comes to celebrating a milestone, allow us to say that the city of 16th- and 17th-century palaces and piazzas, carries all the seduction and mystery a European destination can afford and becomes just the perfect place. When AK reached out to us for a luxury birthday celebration at Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice it was sheer amore. Forgive us for not publishing the names or images of our exclusive clients, but as we like to have it: luxury is in the service. In the meantime, hop on the gallery to enjoy dramatic floral arrangements by the florist to the elite Vincenzo Dascanio, some seriously lavish design and details that are bound to take your breath away.


Planning & Design Eventoile     –     Photographer and Film Julia Kaptelova     –     Flower Design & Styling Vincenzo Dascanio     –     Venue Belmond Hotel Cipriani