Let’s say it as it is: Organizing a wedding is certainly wonderful, but it is also very, very stressful.

There are lots of things to think of, and most of us are of course inexperienced, we don’t get married every day, so it is self-evident.

This is the reason why I have decided to give you 30 minutes as a free gift.
A free 30 minute consultation, during which you can tell me about all your doubts and perplexities.

When we consider the different wedding genres, nowadays there are just so many options that it is really difficult to decide which route to take.
We go from classic Italian weddings, with many guests and receptions in castles and estate houses, to more modern celebrations, such as destination weddings, weddings on the beach or very intimate ceremonies with very few guests – so which one should you choose?

In 70% of the emails I receive, people asking me for support as a wedding planner have two recurring fears:

1. How much will I spend?
What will the overall cost be, for the entire wedding?
2. Will I be able to identify the wedding style, which suits me best?
How do I choose the theme, how do I set it up, where is the best venue, which colours, which materials, etc?

It is impossible to answer these questions with a simple email, we must have a relaxed chat together, so you can tell me about yourself, about you as a couple, and about your ideal wedding.

So, if you have the same questions, I have decided to help you!

Totally free, for 30 minutes: you will get time exclusively for you and your questions – your own 30 minutes!
During this consultation, I will immediately be of help; you will already know which wedding style you should have. You will also know what to do next, starting tomorrow, totally autonomously!

You can get this gift sitting comfortably on your couch if you select the Skype option, or sipping a cup of coffee in our workshop.

What are you waiting for? Write to me and book your free consultation, I look forward to meeting you!

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